Flevo Decals FD48-014 Korean War


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Harald Verweij



A lot of people would call it “the Forgotten War”… After 5 years of global conflict, people were “war weary”. So when war broke out on the Korean peninsula countries weren’t really rushing to come to the aid of beleaguered South Korea. Eventually a US led coalition (UN brokered) was set up to help South Korea. 

The North Koreans got their help from countries like the Soviet Union and China.

This sheet features the following aircraft (from the USS Boxer): 

F9F-2 Panther

F4U-4 Corsairs (2 different aircraft)

Douglas AD-2 Skyraider

F4U-5N Corsair

F9F-2P Panther

Douglas AD-4N Skyraider

Douglas AD-4W Skyraider

Sikorksy HO3S-1

 All aircraft are Gloss Sea Blue (FS 15042). The instruction sheet, printed in full colour, gives you options for 4 different brands of paint.

The instructions are an A5 sized booklet, printed in colour and very detailed. It also gives you a short history on the USS Boxer and recommendations for the kits that can be used for these decals.

Given the number of aircraft covered, the decals have been printed on 4 separate sheets and 2 inserts. A nice touch is the sheet with propeller markings. I tried to scan the decal sheets, but the scans were really crappy, hence I’ve only scanned the instruction booklet.

 I have to say that this sheet is a very welcome addition to us scale modellers and especially those interested in the Korean war. Highly recommended.

My sheet is courtesy of Flevo decals http://www.flevodecals.net/