Flevo Decals FD144-004 334 Squadron Part 1


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Harald Verweij



For those that have a smaller budget and/or not as much room as they would like to have, there’s 1/144 scale models.

Up until a few years ago, just a few models were available, mostly airliners. However, more and more companies are producing 1/144 scale models and, believe it or not, aftermarket stuff.

Flevo Decals has decide to fill the gap in this market, with markings for the Royal Netherlands Air force. This 3 part sheet, printed by BOA in the Czech republic, is in perfect register and very well done. It even has stencilling for the aircraft (!!).

 334 Squadron was officially formed on July 7th 1944  and was equipped with a variety of aircraft over the years. Of these aircraft, 3 are subject of this decal sheet:

 Douglas C-47B. A total of 9 aircraft can be bult using this sheet, in varying liveries.

DeHavilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver. 3 aircraft are covered on this sheet, 1 overall Olive drab and 2 in Dark Grean/Dark Earth camouflage.

Fokker F027 Friendship/Troopship. A total of 10 aircraft can be built using this sheet. These Fokkers used to be a familiar sight in Dutch airspace and during air shows around Europe.

As with previous sheets, Flevodecals has given the correct colours in both FS and Ral numbers. These have been converted for ease of use into Model Master, Xtracolor, Humbrol and Gunze acrylics.

 Before you start asking questions on where to find the available 1/144 scale kits, Flevo decals has done the work for you. On the reverse side of the general instructions you will find a list of available kits.

 Highly recommended.

Harald Verweij

October 2013

The scans for this review were taken from the Flevo decals website, with permission of the owners, as my scanner suffered water damage some time ago.

My sheet is courtesy of Flevo decals http://www.flevodecals.net/