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EagleCals EC 30-32 for AVG Tomahawks




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Tom Cleaver


1/48 Scale


This latest series of decals from Eagle Cals provide markings for eleven P-40C Tomahawks of the AVG. Of particular interest is the fact that none of these airplanes have been done on previously-available decals. They are printed by MicroScale, and are of similar quality to all the other EagleCals.

Each sheet, as is standard with Eagle Cals, comes in either 1/48 or 1/72 scale.

 #30 - 1st "Adam and Eve" Squadron

#31 - 2nd "Panda Bears" Squadron

 #32 - 3rd "Hell's Angels" Squadron

One hopes that there will someday be a P-40C kit in 1/48 scale that is worthy of these decals. In the meantime, 1/72 scale modelers are well-served by the recent Academy P-40 Tomahawk kit.

Editor's Note. If you want an accurate early P-40 in 1/48, there is one in the form of the now quite elderly Monogram kit. Though not up to today's standards in terms of cockpit detailing and external panel lines, it is quite accurate in outline. I have seen this kit with aftermarket details and also kitbashed with the Hobbycraft P-40. In 1/72 scale, we still need a good early P-40 as the Academy kit is basically a Frog kit with engraved panel lines! Your best way of doing this is to mate a resin nose with a P-36 kit. The problem is available P-36 kits in this scale. Monogram did one that can be found, and you can also use the Azur kit. This nose was made by DB and though DB has been out of business for some time, the resin nose can still be found.

Also, I have included just one sheet, that being EC#30 to show as an example of the quality of the decals. This will also help to keep down the load time of the page.

Though Tom didn't mention it, you'll notice that faded insignia are offered if you prefer to use them on your kit. Undoubtedly the hot sun and high humidity in Burma and China faded the dark blue rather rapidly.

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