VNAF-MAC 48-001 South Vietnam Skyraiders

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Francois Buis

The Skyraider is arguably the longest-serving propeller fighter-bomber ever to have been built: designed at the end of the World War II, it reached the field too late to take part in that conflict, but would soon be used extensively in the Korean War in the 1950s and then in the drawn-out Vietnam War in the 60s and 70s.

The 6 US Navy Skyraiders were sent for the first time to the VNAF (Vietnam Air Force) in September 1960 to replace the old Grumman F-8F Bearcat, 25 more aircraft following in the Spring 1961 and VNAF had used a large quantity of this aircraft till the end of the Vietnam War, even though the Vietnamization Program called for replacement of the Skyraiders by Northrop F-5 and Cessna A-37 jet aircraft. The first AD-6 Skyraiders (later known as A-1H) of the VNAF 1st Fighter Squadron began combat operations from Tan Son Nhut AB in May 1961.

 If you’re a Skyraider fan and looking to dress it up, well VNAF-MAC (Model Aircraft Club) has a set that is a “must have” - The VNAF Skyraider in early days – Part 1. This set contains 1 large sheet and a colourful decal placement sheet with a great write-up of the First VNAF Squadrons that were in combat operations in Vietnam. In all you get enough markings for 2 different Skyraiders. You also have an abundance of stencils and marking in this set. The painting of the first VNAF Skyraider in early days was based on the US Navy standard: Light Gull Gray FS 36440 over Insignia White FS 37875 scheme.

- The VNAF AD-6 Skyraider Bu N° 135224/A of the 1st  Fighter Squadron, Bien Hoa AB, Vietnam in 1961.
- The VNAF AD-6 Skyraider Bu N° 135237/A of the 514th  Fighter Squadron, Bien Hoa AB, Vietnam in 1962.
Colour key : Light Gull Grey FS 36440 and Insignia White FS 37875.
Designed for : Tamiya, Monogram and Revell-Germany A-1H Skyraider.

The decals are wonderfully thin and will conform and cover well as they are printed by the Microscale Industries as the other well-known decal manufacturers. Printed in a matt finish on quality paper, the colors are solid and in perfect registration. I was able to use Micro Sol decal setting solution without any problems, so yes I would say that it’s safe to use.

Highly recommended!

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 This decal set was the first product of the VNAF – Model Aircraft Club in Westminster, California, USA. With a group of 10 enthusiast modellers, VNAF-MAC was first a modelling club that modellers share each other for the information, the document and the aircraft photos then they began to do “home made” decal by research in books, photos and received the opinion of many former VNAF pilots. By many request of modellers, the “home made” decal system did not meet to a larger quantity so they decided to launch on the hobby market this Limited Edition decal set.

 For more information you can contact:

Model Aircraft Club
P.O. Box 10544
Westminster, CA 92865-0544


June 2006

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