Superscale 48-555: P-51B Mustang Aces

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Chris Baltrinic

This is a very well printed Sheet from Superscale. Kill markings and parts of various nose art is represented by overlapping decals to eliminate out off register offenses.

 Aircraft represented are William Hovde’s “Ole II” from the 355th FG, Gilbert Obrein’s “Shanty Irish” from the 357th FG, and John C. Meyer’s “Lambie II” from the 352nd FG ( A wonderful choice for those who are tired of “Petie 2nd” Markings, yet still wish model a Meyer Mustang ).

Editor's Note: I've been informed that rudder colors did not come into effect with the 352nd until Nov 1944 so the third option would not have had the rudder painted.

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