Superscale 48-400, P-51 Aces

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Chris Baltrinic

 This is a nice sheet with a few popular subjects as well as a few which I have never seen before on any other sheet. The sheet is well printed with nothing out of register.

 A/C #1: P-51D “Detroit Miss", Pilot: Urban L Drew, 361st FG/375th FS.

 A/C #2: P-51D, Pilot: Glen T Eagleston, 354th FG / 353rd FS

 A/C #3: P-51D, Pilot: Fred W Glover, 4th FG / 366th FS.

 A/C #4: P-51D “LouIV”, Pilot: J.J. Christian, 361st FG / 375th FS.

 A/C #5: P-51D , Pilot: Donald R Emerson, 4th FG / 366 FS

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