Sheet : Aztec 48-013: Latin Eagles V: Argentine Navy Skyhawks
KIT: Hasegawa 1/48 A-4B/C
REVIEWER: Andrew Abshier
UNITS: 3 Escuadrilla

 This decal covers the A-4Q in Argentine service, from their initial delivery in 1971 to their final days in service in 1988.  The primary focus of this decal, however, are A-4Qs in Falklands War service.

 The first scheme covers the A-4Q as delivered, with the old-style fuselage insignia and “NAVAL” titles at the aft fuselage., in gull gray over white.  This basic scheme was later changed by eliminated the oval fuselage insignia and changing the aft titles to “ARMADA”, still in gull gray over white.  This  was the scheme carried on the A-4Qs at the outbreak of the Falklands war. 

 The backside of the instructions cover the oddball schemes carried by the Armada Skyhawks: a Fuerza Aerea Argentina-like camoflage scheme of green and brown over white; a “squiggle” camoflage of dark brownish green and tan over white; and the final low-viz scheme used in the last days of the A-4Q’s service.

 The instructions are clear on decal placement, and offer some useful historical notes for building the Falklands aircraft.  One mission is described, which includes details of the armament carried, which will help in loading out your Skyhawk. 

 This decal complements the  recent release of the “Falklands” Skyhawk by Hasegawa, and is recommended.

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