Vintage Flyer 1/72 PSA DC-4
PRICE: $22.49
KIT: VFD072-160R
UNITS: Also available without window decals and in 1/144 scale

Vintage Flyer Decals is small company specializing in producing decals of propeller and early jet airliners in a variety of scales. They also produce vinyl masking sets for the cheat lines and color divisions of the subjects covered by their decals. The decals have to be individually trimmed from the carrier sheet, but have excellent color density and perfect registration. The window decals are printed with a clever 3D effect. Decals for the deicing boots are also included when applicable. All decals come with comprehensive placement and painting instructions.

The subject of this sheet is a Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA) DC-4 in its delivery colors. PSA was a regional airline headquartered in San Diego, CA from 1949 to 1986. It was bought out by and merged with USAir in 1988. PSA obtained two DC-4s in 1955. In a marketing move, a rectangular frame was painted around the windows of the DC-4s to make them appear to be newer DC-6s.

Vintage Flyer Decals has an interesting product line that is produced to a high standard. Civilian airliners from the golden age of commercial aviation feature some of the most colorful liveries to have hit the skies and Vintage Flyer Decals offers an excellent selection.

Rob Hart

March 2024

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