Superscale 48-336 F4D Skyray Data
KIT: Any applicable 1/48 F4D kit.
REVIEWER: Keith Kozlowski

Superscale 48-336 is a stencils and insignia sheet for the 1/48 F4D Skyray.  Hopefully these are sized for the Tamiya kit, and not the old Lindberg kit.

I had completely ruined one of the Tamiya kit "danger" decals for the intakes due to handling it too soon after applying MicroSol, so was in desperate search for a replacement. By sheer luck, Superscale 48-336 was for sale on one of the auction sites. As a bonus, this sheet includes two full sets of "danger" decals, and it look like two full sets of stencils, with the only limitation one set of walkway decals.  Since the Tamiya kit decals lack most of the detail stencils, this is a huge bonus!  The decals are typical Superscale, well printed, thin, and "reasonable" accuracy.  This sheet has the potential to really improve the look of your Skyray. I'm pretty sure having this sheet will make me want to do another Fast Ford in the future.  I'm guessing these are fairly old, so I will probably try a bit of decal film on top to make sure they don't shatter. One thing I learned when I went to use it, there are 3 port-side intake warnings and only one Starboard. They forgot to flip the word on one of them. Easily recommended.

Keith Kozlowski

April 2021

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