Print Scale 48-275: French Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter Part 1

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Rob Hart


The Sopwith 1 Strutter was a British multi-role biplane aircraft produced during World War One. The largest wartime user of the aircraft was the French Aeronautique Militaire. Large numbers of the 1 Strutter were built by French manufacturers in three versions, the SOP. 1A.2 (two seat reconnaissance), SOP. 1B.2 (two seat bomber). SOP. 1B.1 (single seat bomber). Print Scale has released 1/48 scale decal sheets in two parts dedicated to French ! Strutters. Five subjects are featured on part 1. All five are in silver dope finishes with the cowls and forward fuselage panels in natural metal. Subjects 1,2, and 4 have the upper fuselage decking around the cockpit openings in varnished wood finish. The decals appear to be thin and in perfect register, however I have some concern about the color density. The white shows evidence of the blue backing paper bleeding through. This may not be an issue when applied over a featured subject's silver background.

Rob Hart

May 2024

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