Shyart #110: F-16AM 'Solo Display 2018 Belgian AF'

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12.29 Euros for 1/48 and 9 Euros for 1/72


 Jean-Paul Poisseroux

The F 16 Falcon is very popular in Belgium as he replaced the famous F-104 Starfighter.During the 2018 year, the team display flown on a lot of foreign countries, i.e Netherlands,UK,Portugal,Poland,Czech Republic,Greece… The design was sober and the the feathering color was very smart. The 3 grey colors lines effects are subtle, like a airbrush used. The countries' flags were painted on the left stabilisator for the air meeting days.the falcon’s white belly design is easy to make, the patterns' tape mask are included !

As usual, the decals are very fine, sharp, and the notice is very clear.

This sheet is recommanded for the F-16 fans modellers.

 Jean-Paul Poisseroux

April 2020


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