Platypus 1/72 F-4 Lightning Conversion

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REVIEWER: Peter Burstow
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Ninety nine P-38Es were converted to F-4 photo-reconnaissance aircraft, with a new nose holding four K-17 cameras.

Three F-4s were transferred to the RAAF in 1942 and 1943. Serialed A55-1, 2 and 3, they only served for a short time, the last survivor was retired in 1944. Perversely they were known as the P-38E in RAAF service. They had a different camera arrangement than the standard USAAF F-4s.


 This conversion set comes in small zip-lock bag; there is one resin part. The part is cleanly moulded, with recessed lines. There is a little flash to be cleaned up, but no sign of bubbles or other mould glitches. The replacement nose has no instructions or decals provided with the part. There is no indication of what kit this is supposed to fit but your editor guesses it may well be the Academy version as many say it is the best one out there.


If you want to model an Aussie F-4 in 1/72 then this is your lot. I guess it can be made to fit any early model Lightning kit.



Lockheed P.38 Lightning A History, Anthony Shennan, Historian, Campbelltown, 1970. This Australian monograph has the bonus of a fold out 1/32 scale plan sheet, a colour cutaway view, and many detailed photos including interiors.

 Australia's Military Aircraft, Ross Gillett, Aerospace, Sydney, 1987.

Peter Burstow

January 2015

Kit courtesy of my stash.

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