Helion's Handbrake

AUTHOR: Mariano Sciaronic & Alejandro Amendolara
REVIEWER: Pablo Calcaterra
NOTES: 102 pages, ISBN 978-1-915070724
The book starts with the study to incorporate this brand new system by the Argentine Navy. When the decision to retake the Malvinas/Falkland Is was moved forward the Comando de Aviacion Naval (CANA) of Argentine Navy had just received their first 5 Super Etendards and Exocets out of the 14 ordered. The pilots had been trained on the basics of the plane but the set up of the mission profile and programming of the brand new Exocets was a mystery. With the help of the French technicians that were in the country to deploy the system the Argentines were able to get the planes and missiles fully operational.
This came as a nasty shock for the British Task Force as it was thought that it was impossible for the Argentines to solve the problem. The 3 main attacks caused the sinking of HMS Sheffield, Atlantic Conveyor and the still debated mission to attack HMS Invincible when the last Exocet was used. In their panic to defeat the attacks the Task Force almost suffered Blue on Blue accidents in each one of the attacks. No SUE were lost in the war.
The book then concludes with the life of the planes after the war and the failed incorporation of 5 used SUE Meilloreť from the French Navy.
With 102 pages and many colour and some black and white pictures, plus detailed step by step maps of each attack, first hand stories and crisscrossing British and Argentine sources this is the ultimate book on the missions of the 2da Escuadrilla Naval de Ataque.
For those interested in the 1982 war but also those who study the modern use of air to surface missiles this book is a must. Highly recommended.

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