THE DASSAULT MIRAGE 2000B/C/D/N and International Versions


Andy Evans


SAM Publications




Jean-Paul Poisseroux


Datafile 8 “scale down”. 100 pages, Softbound. ISBN: 978-1-9996616-2-5

Dassault and Mirage are famous and inseparable names around our planet. The "M 2000" family is the heir to the Mirage III. Modern technology crossed with the know-how of the French engineers allowed a new legend to be born in the 70s.

9 chapters compose this last book.

Chapter 1: Design and development, the Delta come back.

8 pages, 20 pictures, 16 in color, 4 in b / w. The history of the development of the structures and the different types from the prototype is developed.

Chapter 2: in French Mirage Service, the mirage 2000 / B / C / D / N and the mirage 2000 in war.

22 pages, 76 pictures in color. The 4 versions are presented, mirage 2000 C (fighter version) 2000 B (two seaters) 2000 N (Nuclear) 2000 D (diversified) 2000C-5/9 (last fighter version) 2000 B trial for the Rafale. The aircrafts are on the air, on the taxiways, landing, take off. The specifics of the types and squadrons used are welldiscussed.

The 4 last pages (16 color pictures) deal with the mirage 2000 engagements on the war theater. 7 operations are described

Chapter 3 :Mirage for export

25 pages, 52 pictures color. The 8 different countries are displayed in Greece, Peru, Qatar, India, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, RoC, Brazil.It's an interested study on the camouflage.

Chapter 4: color profiles

4 pages, 20 left sides are painted. Exotics sheme, blue / gray and green gray are well presented.

Chapter 5 :modeling the Mirage

19 pages, 72 approx pictures. Tips and paintings approach are very interesting

1/48 kinetic m 2000 C greek A F

1/48 kinetic m 2000 C french A F

1/48 kinetic m 2000 D french A F (1)

1/48 kinetic m 2000 D french A F (2)

1/48 kinetic m 2000 D french A F (2)

1/72 tamiya m 2000 C brazil A F

1/48 kinetic m 2000 B french A F

Chapter 6: walkaround

15 pages 88 color pictures. One of the “spine” of the datafile is this chapter for enthusiasts and modelers.

Some mirage 2000B (French), mirage 2000 C (Brazil), mirage 2000C (French), mirage 2000D (French), mirage 2000N (French).

Chapter 7 :Mirage 2000 variants

3 pages, 9 color pictures. The descriptions of the 16 different variants Are listed.

Chapter 8 :colorful Mirages

8 pages, 36 color pictures. Anniversaries, tiger-meets are the most colorful mirage events.

Chapter 9 :kitography

2 pages. the kits, accessories and decals are listed on the scales 1/72 and 1/48. modellers who love the chapter 8 “colorful mirages” and dream to built one kit very colorful, the french decals creator named Syhart produce a large range decals.

Notice that a 1/32 scale mirage 2000 from Kittyhawk is programmed ...

This last printed title is a very good quality on all the aeras,pictures, references and texts.Fans ,curious modellers and historians will be fully satisfied for this future aircraft legend.

Jean-Paul Poisseroux

October 2018


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