Zephyr's Forces Aeriennes Strategiques

AUTHOR: Alexandre Paringaux – Frederic Lert
PRICE: 45.00 Euros
REVIEWER:  Jean-Paul Poisseroux
NOTES: 112 pages, Hardbound, 30.5 cm x 24 cm landscape format 107 pictures (with 13 full lanscape).
ISBN: 978-2-3611-8283-0

The enthusiastic French duo Paringuaux-Lert has just produced a new book on French military aviation. the evocative title "STRATEGIC AIR FORCES, the wings of nuclear deterrence" fits the subject very well for neophytes. you will discover or refresh your memory.

After the powerful Mirage IV and Mirage 2000N refueled by the KC-135R, today the companions in arms are the Rafale and the Airbus Phenix. The author has chosen a new format, the book is in landscape.This allows us to appreciate details on photos at the width of 60 cm, alongside the other dimensions used.

Summary and detail:

after the introduction on 11 pages, you will discover the first chapter called THE STORY. 26 pages are illustrated by 17 black and white photos with 17 in black ,38 in color nd 4 posters around the Mirage IV and 2000N are in the spotlight.

Chapter 2 is called THE FAS TODAY. It is the most important chapter.

54 pages invites you to discover the Rafale aircraft and the Airbus Phenix tanker. With 105 color photos, 3 in black and white and 9 posters, you will share life on the ground and in the air. The secret command site in Taverny is evoked and is not forgotten.

the last chapter to close the book is called THE WITNESS PASSAGE. 20 pages contains 6 black and white photos, 25 in color to retrace and compare the years and the technologies used. On the same page,

on the left you will see the past and on the right the days of today.

As per usual, the book’s quality is first rate. Without hesitation, you can put it in your library.

 Jean-Paul Poisseroux

September 2022

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