Alexandre Paringaux and Frederic Lert


Zephyr Dupuis


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Jean Paul Poisseroux


  • 128 pages, Hardbound, 30.5 cm x 24 cm landscape format 303 pictures (13 in black and white and 290 in color).
    ISBN: 978-2-36118-352-3

The French team Paringuaux-Lert produced in august a new book on French military aviation. The title C160 TRANSALL, 59 YEARS IN FRENCH SERVICE.

What does the acronym C160 TRANSALL stand for?

C stands for Cargo and 160 corresponds to the square meters of the aircraft's wing area.

TRANSporter ALLianz is the name of the contract signed by France and Germany. After the DC3/C47 and the Nord Atlas 2501 used by the French Air Force, the government wanted the development and use of a new aircraft that could carry and drop many different things and be able to use unprepared rough lands.

This plane was the backbone during 59 years and the old soldier was able to take a well-deserved retirement.

This pictorial chronicle is divided into 6 chapters and here is the content.

After the introduction illustrated by 7 photos, the first chapter named SUCCESSFUL WEDDING allows to understand or to discover the birth of the project thanks to 19 photos on 12 pages.

The second chapter named AROUND THE WORLD IN 59 YEARS is the book’s body that you will have in your hands. 147 photos illustrate 49 pages of well-told stories. Camouflaged in gray, gray and green, brown and chocolate, painted in white with red crosses, the tricolor insignia on the wings have traveled all latitudes without problems.

civilians and soldiers owe a lot to this airplane. The actions on the ground and in the air are spectacular. various parachutings, refueling phases are well photographed. the atmosphere and the concentration of the crews in the cockpit and in the cargo area are highlighted.

The third chapter named POLLUX's LAST HOURS in 17 pages with 26 photos presents the last moments shared by the crews whose n° 212 c160 specially decorated for the last flight of theses aircrafts.

The fourth chapter named SERVING A LEGEND pays tribute to the ground maintenance teams thanks to 20 photos on 9 pages. Some details will please the model makers!

The fifth chapter named 59 YEARS 59 PICTURES makes a retrospective in images of the Transall’s career.

The last chapter named TITAN'S IMPACT concerns the new A400M ATLAS transport aircraft from Airbus Defence Space which replaces the C160.12 pages with 24 pictures make us discover this actual backbone of the projection force.

This superb color book will interest the historians and modellers who built the 1/72 scale C160 kits produce by Heller and Revell.

As per usual, the book’s quality is first rate. Without hesitation, you can put it in your library.

Jean-Paul Poisseroux

11 November 2022

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