New from Noy's Miniatures

 A new offering to the Noy's Miniatures collection: 1/144 tarmac sheet designed for Soviet/Russian/Warsaw Pact military aircraft enthusiasts. This large print represents the complex elements that compose the concrete and asphalt surface upon which large Soviet bombers roll to and from the runway. Created according to actual reference, this unique item authentically captures the wealth of tones and colors that characterize the real thing. Print will easily take any 1/144 bomber model, or several 1/144 fighter models. Less meticulous enthusiasts may use it for other scales as well. Because of its size, item is plotter-printed on heavy paper (not cardstock), and is shipped rolled in a sturdy carton tube, just like a poster.

Item 144034 "Soviet Bomber": A single 1/144 sheet (approx. dimensions: Length: 55 cm / 21.65 inch; Width: 39 cm / 15.31 inch).


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