I ask that those of you who consider Modeling Madness to be an asset to you and your hobby help in its support. If you consider a magazine subscription to be worth $35-$100 a year, consider donating to a magazine in which you don't have to wait two-three months to read about a new kit. Where you can get answers to your questions, and where you can find the best kit database on the net when considering your next kit purchase.

For those of you who wish to donate via credit card, I have set up a Pay Pal account (http://www.paypal.com). Please use svanaken61@gmail.com. Please make all donations in US dollars and thank you very much for your support.

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Scott Van Aken
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...". How many times-on this site- or others, have you gleaned enough information to make an informed decision; either to purchase the kit reviewed, or decide NOT to. That small input-multiplied out over a year- is worth a lot more than you are probably thinking of donating. I know that I personally have bought, or rejected, many items in the last year based on pictures, reviews, and buildups on this site and many others. When you factor in the time and effort of the host to provide us with this info-any money contributed is small compared to the joy, education, references, links, and modeling esprit de corps received. Dig deep. Dave Reed, Nashville, Tn."

"Modeling Madness is at least worth the price of a good kit to me!  It's the site I visit most and it has helped me make many better buying decisions.  The reviews have saved me several headaches, too.   If you're hitting the site often, think about what it does for you, and realize this is your chance to help ensure M2 continues to be there for you! "
Tony Hodun, Cincinnati OH