AIMS 72-002 for the Ju-88G Night Fighter

AIMS 72007, a Ju-88H-1 conversion set

AIMS 72-008 for the Do-217N-2/R-22

AIMS 72013: Do-217K Engine fronts and spinners

AIMS 72-014 Ju-88 armored pilots seat 

AIMS 72016: Mk 8 bomb racks

AIMS 72017: 1/72 F-15E weapons set

AIMS72021; Ju-88S-1/T-1 Update set

AIMS 72-022: Ju-88S/T-3 update set

AIMS 72024: BMW 801D engines and nacelles

AIMS 72025; BMW 801D 'smooth cowl' engines

AIMS 72026: Jumo 213 engines and nacelles

AIMS 72027 1/72 Ju-88 Jumo 211 update set

AIMS 72028, a Ju-88G-1 update set

AIMS 72029 for the Ju-88C-6

AIMS 72030 is a Ju-88A-4/A-17 update set

AIMS 1/72 Ju-88 Mistel set

AIMS Jumo 213 engine set

AIMS 1/72 Jumo 211J engine set

AIMS 1/72 ETC bomb racks with antisway bars

 Early Jumo 211 Engine Set


AIMS PE72001, FuG 200/217 radar aerials

AIMS PE72003; exterior detail set for the Do-24

AIM PE72004: Do-24 Interior set


AIMS PE 48001: Ju-88G-1/6


1/48 clear nose for the Mosquito NF.30.


AIMS 1/32 Ju-88C-2/4 nose conversion

AIMS 1/32 Ju 88 C interior and gas ejector panel

AIMS 1/32 Ju 88 long wing tips and ailerons

AIMS 1/32 Ju-88 Dinghy Compartment (Small)

AIMS 1/32 Ju-88 Dinghy Compartment (Large)

AIMS 1/32 Ju-88C-4 Upgun Conversion Set