FCM 7232: F-80s and T-33s

FCM 48052: F-80 & T-33

Microscale 72-142 for P/F-80A Shooting Stars

Microscale 72-354 for USAFE F-80B 

Microscale 72-388 for the F-80C Shooting Star

Aeromaster 48-627 for Korean War F-80s

Aeromaster 48-630 for Korean War F-80s

 Microscale 48-035 for the F-80 Shooting Star

 Microscale 48-164 for the F-80 Shooting Star

Superscale 320245: F-80C Shooting Star

Superscale 320246: F-80C Shooting Star

Superscale MS320253: RF-80A Shooting Stars


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