Often times, you'll come across a Dead Link. This may be due to the other end of the link being no longer viable or a typo on my part.

Most usually, it is because the daily update hasn't completed its upload. I try to get the new material up by 11 AM Central Time here in the US. If you are having trouble linking to something new, it is probably that you are trying to link to something that is not yet there.

I am, unfortunately, situated in an area where I have no cable, no DSL, and no ability to have a satellite connection due to too many trees. In short, no high-speed now nor in the foreseeable future. This means that it could easily take an hour to upload the day's material through my snail-slow dial-up.

While I fully appreciate any information on dead links, consider what you are trying to access and the time. If it is new stuff, hang on for a bit for the upload to complete.