Advertising information

Advertisements are on a per page basis and the rates vary with the size of the banner ad, the length of time for the ad, and the page(s) on which you wish to display it. Costs are quite reasonable as the main focus of advertising is to pay for the cost of the site.

Banner ads are available in twosizes; Size A: up to 150 x 100pixels   

Size B: up to 500 x 100pixels. 

The cost of the ad is by month and is determined by the number of months desired and the page on which it is shown. Minimum contract is 2 months. The exception to this is for special events. Maximum contract is 6 months so that I can have a steady income flow to pay for web hosting. 

For example:

A size A bannerad (small one) on the main page for up to three months is $25 a month or a total of $75 for those three months.

A size B banner ad (large one) on the What's New page for four to six months is $38 a month or $228 for six months.

Page Location Size A (Small)   Size B (Large)
  Number of months>>>>> 2-3 4-6   2-3 4-6  
Main Page   $25 $20   $45 $38 Per Month
What's New   $25 $20   $45 $38 Per Month
Kit Review Index   $25 $20   $45 $38 Per Month
Kit Previews &
Book Reviews together
  $20 $15   $35 $28 Per Month
Decal Reviews,
Detail Sets, & 
Conversion Sets together
  $20 $15   $35 $28 Per Month
All available pages as listed above   $80 $60   $160 $130 Per Month











On the Main Page, banners will be on the right side or at the bottom depending on the size. For the Kit Review Index, banners will be at the top of the page. All other pages, banners will be at the top or down the right side, again, depending on size. You can see where these would fit by visiting various pages.

All banners will include a hyperlink to your website or e-mail address.

Pricing is determined by which pages get the greater number of visits. 

Items submitted by you will be previewed and include a link in the preview. If the item is built/used, you will again have your link in that article.

A note on banner ads. Any banner ad exceeding 10K for the large and 4K for the small must be hosted on your web site. This goes for all animated banners as well. In these cases, I can link to your banner and provide the hyperlink needed. Several advertisers do this as it allows them to change the banner as needed without having to submit a new one.

Please note that my publishing software cannot handle flash files so your animated banners need to be .gifs.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Mailing address is:

Scott Van Aken
10108 State Route 4
Lebanon, IL  62254

Payment by check, money order or bank draft made out to Scott Van Aken and in US dollars. You can send cash if you wish, though I'd send it via registered letter. If you want to pay via PayPal, a 5% charge will be added to cover PayPal's fees. An invoice will be e-mailed to you for your records.

In case you are wondering if MM ads work, here is a site visit chart from an advertiser who started in December of 2006 and shows his site visits for two months before and after.

Month Number of requests Number of page requests
1. October 2006 7,334 2,094
2. November 2006 7,482 1,768
3. December 2006 128,123 3,832
4. January 2007 153,966 3,457

I no longer track visits, but when I stopped a few years back (2006), the site was averaging about 400,000 hits a month.