Pegasus 1/72 Junkers CL.I (J-10)




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Scott Van Aken


short run with metal detail parts.


The two-seat Junkers CL.I was a development of the then-revolutionary all-metal Junkers D.I monoplane fighter. These aircraft were years ahead of their time, in an age of wooden framed, fabric covered biplanes, they featured a system of an internally braced metal skeleton with corrugated duralumin surface sheeting. At the time of the Armistice, only 47 of these aircraft had found their way to the front. This fast and agile two seater would have made a marked impact on the course of the war in the air had it been introduced earlier. After hostilities had ended, a civil version was designed and helped pave the way for the post-war civilian aviation boom.

Thanks to Pegasus for the historical background.


If you have ever built a Pegasus kit before, then you know what to expect. Pegasus kits are quite typical of British short run kits. The plastic is soft and thick, the sprue gates large and the detail bits are in cast metal instead of etched brass or resin as we find in those kits from the Czech Republic.

You will also find that most plastic parts have flash and the metal bits are very well done. Typically, a section of airfoil shaped plastic strip is included so you can build the landing gear. Though it seems rather flimsy, once the gear is built, it is quite sturdy. The cast metal bits are used for just about every small part including the cockpit pieces, engine, guns, wheels, skid and Scarff ring.  

Looking for detailed instructions? Well look elsewhere as Pegaus feels that if you've come to where you are ready to build a short run kit, then an exploded view and general construction advice is all that is needed. They are correct, of course, and the exploded view is more than sufficient in most cases. Color information is provided with reference to many paints; the most complete being the Xtracolor brands, that offers every one of the shades listed. The small decal sheet is basically crosses and serial numbers, which is how these planes were marked. This particular aircraft was painted in a hard edged disruptive camouflage scheme of Tan and Olive Green uppers with Light Blue undersides. The decal sheet provided is well printed, a bit thick and should work just fine as I've never had any problems with Pegasus decal sheets.   


If you like things from the great war and want something a bit unusual; this is your kit. If you don't like rigging; this is your kit, if you want to do your first short run project; this is your kit.

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