KIT #: CMR5025
DECALS: Three options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Resin multimedia kit


The AGO C.IV was a German reconnaissance aircraft of World War I. A departure from the manufacturer's pod-and-boom designs, it featured a traditional biplane layout with gradually tapering wings. Large orders were placed with AGO and two other manufacturers building under license, but less than 100 were actually delivered.

Although fast and well-armed, the C.IV proved unstable in the air and was disliked by aircrews.


Czech Master Resin has always sought the unusual for us and this is an example of just that. This 1916 reconnaissance aircraft was built in small numbers and used only for a short time, so finding markings options couldn't have been easy. I know finding background info wasn't.

As with all current CMR kits, this one is superbly cast with almost no molding flaws. I did find an air bubble or two, but none that can't be easily and simply corrected. The fuselage halves are admirably thin as any quality injection molded kit. There are a number of very finely done parts that include a full resin engine, finely done machine guns and a scale scarff ring for the rear gunner. The kit also includes optional outer wing struts. The originals are straight while a set of later black  N struts are included if one wants to use those. The strut mounting holes in the wings are nice and deep so that you can more easily affix the struts.

The instructions have an exploded view of the kit to assist with construction. A full rigging diagram is also provided. This is a two bay biplane so rigging is pretty intensive compared to a fighter. Markings are provided for three aircraft in Lilac/Dark Green over Pale blue. Markings are provided for two German and one aircraft captured by the British. The decals are superbly printed and thin, providing the best. My experience with CMR's decals is that they are opaque and work well with setting solutions. The camouflage patterns on these planes was different with each one so one can be a bit original in the application.


Another high quality kit from CMR. This one is not for the beginner due to the number of small parts and the rigging involved, but if you are an enthusiast and able to handle the challenges of WWI aircraft, this is one that will definitely add interest to your collection.

July 2007

My thanks to Czech Master Resin for providing the review copy. If you cannot find these on the shelves of your favorite hobby shop, ask them to order it for you. You will not be disappointed.

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