Hasegawa 'Phantom Boy'




600 yen


Two aircraft


Scott Van Aken


Includes display stand and figures




In case you haven't noticed, this isn't eggsactly a standard preview. There are times when one isn't really sure just what to eggspect from Hasegawa, but they have been known to produce some rather odd models from time to time. This is one of them. In fact, there are several of them that have been produced and surface from time to time. I have a 1976 catalogue that shows a dozen of them and more have been added to the carton over the years.

This one came to me yesterday purely by providence as the local modeling supply store had just gotten a few of these in from the close-out sale of Marco Polo Imports (which is no more). Scrambling over bodies, I managed to peck this one from the crate before the owner was any wiser. 'Hey, I was planning on E-baying those', he crowed. Doing my best lip-quivering and looking decidedly teary-eyed, he relented and allowed me to purchase this particular one. Naturally, I was eggstatic as I'd been scratching around for one of these for years (and that's no yolk)!

So, what's in the box? Well, you get two well done sprues of somewhat thick, raised panel line plastic. One canopy and a pre-bent piece of wire make up the rest of what hatched from the box. I'd hesitate to assign a scale to it, but it is somewhere between the chicken and the egg. A little Phantom figure with two bombs on a cart and a Vulcan 20mm strapped on his back are included.

Markings are for two planes. One from 302 Sq JASDF and the other from the 388 TFW in SEA camo. You might also notice that there is no back-seater as any 'real' F-4 would have. Decals are the usual thick and semi-transparent Japanese stuff, but finding alternatives won't be easy. The painting guide has these words of wisdom "Apply decal freely by your imagination". I may well take that to heart when doing the color scheme as well!

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