IMC 1/72 F-100D Super Sabre




$1.00 when new in 1960s


two options


Scott Van Aken




The F-100 was the worlds first operational supersonic fighter. It quickly supplanted other interceptors in the inventory. The A model was quickly followed by the F-100C which included ground attack capabilities. The D model followed which provided a slightly different wing which had flaps included, an option not provided in earlier versions. The F-100D and F were used in Vietnam as ground attack aircraft and as escort for F-105 raids until supplanted by the F-4 Phantom. No confirmed kills were obtained by the Hun though at least one probable was recorded. The F-100 soldiered on in the Air National Guard until the mid 1970s with the 113 TFS, Indiana ANG being the last to use the venerable Super Sabre. Overseas users were many with Turkey finally retiring the aircraft in 1988.



First thing one notices is that this isn't an F-100D. It is an F-100C with a rather odd vertical stabilizer. You see, the fuel dump area half way up the fin is too wide for an F-100C and too thin for an F-100D. The wing is definitely from an F-100C and in some ways it reminds me of the old Revell kit. Bottom line is that you can't use the decals that come with the kit and will have to piece something together from the spares bin if you want any sort of accuracy. My kit also suffered from sink areas opposite all the alignment pins.

The kit itself is of the raised panel line/rivet variety with only the control surfaces engraved. The cockpit is the one piece variety with the seat, pilot, instrument panel and all in one chunk. There are wheel wells with minimal detail. Things under wings include 335 gallon drop tanks and  four bombs/pylons. The refueling probe is the later bent type and installs about halfway out the wing, which, I believe, too far outboard. My kit suffered from a broken wing tip and a missing drop tank half. The kit was bought reshrinked and marked 'mint in box'. Yeah. It was also missing both main landing gear and a bomb half. The fins on one of the remaining drop tank halves were short shot.

A major selling point on this kit is that it includes a 'battle damaged' fuselage half and canopy. I guess it is an interesting enough gimmick as I know I built the similarly damaged Mig-21 back about 35 years ago! Beyond some appropriately bend up framework, one can see nothing else in the damaged areas.

Instructions are basically two exploded views that show major part placement. Color info is given in the construction write-up though  FS numbers are provided only for the exterior painting scheme. Decals are on a single carrier and mine were damaged (mint in box, remember?). Both markings are generic; one for an overall aluminum version and another for an SEA camouflaged aircraft, this second one having two kill marks!


As you can by now guess, this isn't a model for the builder as to make it into a proper Hun will take more work than needed.


F-100D In Action, Aircraft #190  by Squadron/Signal Publications, 2003

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