Revell 1/72 F-101B Voodoo




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Scott Van Aken


Kit OOP since 1992


The F-101 was originally designed as an escort fighter for SAC heavy bombers. What it became was an interceptor for NORAD, the North American Air Defense command. Rather than go into a long history of the type, I'll take the lazy way out and refer you to Roger Jackson's review of its 1/48 cousin. Roger goes into great and nauseating detail on the history of the type! :o)


The best thing that Revell-Monogram did for those who like their century series fighters in a smaller scale was to pantograph down the larger 1/48 kits. This was done for the F-101B and F-105D as well as for the F-4 and F-89 kits. This allowed some superb models. For the F-100 I'd recommend ESCI or Italeri; Hasegawa is still the only option for the F-102 and F-106, while you have several good options for the F-104 including a Revell of Germany kit, a number of Hasegawa versions and an ESCI one that isn't bad.

Popping open the box you do see a baby 1/48 Monogram Voodoo. It offers the same options as its bigger brother (open or closed canopy, open or closed speedbrakes and flaps (though some work needs done on the flaps to accomplish this), and the rotating missile pallet with two Genies on one side and two Falcons on the other. I have never been able to get this thing to rotate, but is isn't impossible. Unlike its larger version, this one has engraved panel lines, so that will make those who think that is important quite happy.

Instruction sheet is all you'd expect from R-M, offering a superb construction sequence and color callouts, both in generic and FS 595 color references. The decal sheet offers only one option, but it is a very colorful one. I have to show my ignorance as I don't know what unit it is and the instructions don't say. I have since found out that the markings are for the 60 FIS which operated out of Otis AFB with the type from 1959-1971. The sheet also provides instrument panel decals as well as wing walk decals, which should be quite helpful. If you don't like what is in the sheet, there are a number of aftermarket sheets to cater to your needs. BTW, you can have your 101B in any color as long as it is ADC grey!

Overall a great model and one that many wish would be reissued.


Review kit courtesy of me and my wallet!

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