KIT: Rest Models 1/48 He-112v6
KIT #: 4809
PRICE: $ 70.00 MSRP
DECALS: One option
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Resin kit with P.E. fret and vacuformed windscreen


Those who maintain an interest in early German monoplane fighters will know that probably the most inventive of all of Germany's designers was Ernst Heinkel. He was able to design everything from bombers to fighters to night fighters to jet fighters. Unfortunately, Ernst must have ticked people off for all they would allow him to build in any quantity were his bombers. Too bad for in everything he did, his designs were generally superior to the aircraft that finally got the nod. The He-112 was a larger aircraft than the 109 with wide track landing gear and rugged construction. It was, unfortunately, held back by a power plant that made the heavier 112 somewhat underpowered and this affected the performance against the more nimble and lighter 109. Though the following short production run 112s were good planes, they were too late. The later and much more capable He-100 was unable to change the mind of the Luftwaffe high command who wanted Heinkel to stick to bombers.

His lack of success against the 109  did not stop Heinkel from further developing his aircraft. One prototype, the v3, was chosen to test a rocket engine. It was a success, and this engine went to propel the He-176 rocket powered aircraft, the first truly successful one. Another, and the subject of this kit, was the He-112v6. It was built with a cannon that fired through the engine. It was field tested with the Condor Legion during the Spanish Civil War, and was a huge success against trains and Republican armor. This led the way to the 109 being similarly equipped later in its life.

Rest Models of the Ukraine has earned a reputation for providing quality resin kits and this one is no exception. To my knowledge, this is their first monoplane and first German subject, the prior ones being all Soviet aircraft.
When you open the box, the first thing that strikes you is that this has a complete and hollow resin fuselage. No need to glue halves together as it has been molded in one piece, and the molding is superlative. I found only a couple of tiny pinholes in some thin areas. The wing is also a single mold with separate flaps and ailerons. A separate rudder is also provided. There are a myriad of small, and even tiny resin part; all without any sprue gates, making clean up a breeze and as easy as with an injection molded kit.
Once you get over the different colors used (and who picked those shades of green?), you'll find that the quality continues down to the smallest part. A very nice touch is the wire reinforced landing gear. If these folks can do this, why can't other resin kit makers? Parts are almost prototypically thin so some care will be needed when handling them.
A photo etched fret is included that provides seat harness, rudder pedals, instrument panel face, and a few other detail parts. Acetate bits are provided for the instruments. Two fairly well molded windscreens are also part of the mix. There are not many options, but one is the ability to open the side doors if you wish to cut them away. A pitot tube will have to be manufactured from wire or tubing.
The instructions are quite well done with 16 construction steps on two sides of a folded sheet. The drawings are superbly done and there are the usual notes to assist assembly. Missing are any inside detail concerning colors. I just have to assume that the interior and wheel wells/inside gear doors was painted RLM 02. The exterior is shown as 'aluminum', but judging from the photos, I'd think that means unpainted metal. A separate sheet has just about all that is known about the He-112v6 including a number of period photographs. Those who know about the aircraft are aware that, aside from the wings, there is little in common between the prototypes and production aircraft. Decals are for one aircraft and are fairly well printed. They are a tad ragged on the edges when you look closely and have somewhat large clear carrier, though are quite thin. I'm not sure how well they'll work as I've no experience with them.

This is an outstanding resin kit. No mold plugs, quality molding and reinforced landing gear. What more could you ask. It may seem expensive, but I've seen higher priced resin kits that do not offer the quality you get with this one.

March 2006

I bought mine from If you hurry, there may be one or two left.

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