Pro Resin 1/72 Martin MS-1

KIT #: 72047
DECALS: One option
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
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Following WW1, the US Navy began experimenting with the possibility of submarine observation and scouting aircraft; Submarine S-1 became the experimental platform for this project, late in 1923. She was altered by having a steel capsule mounted aft the conning tower; a cylindrical pod which could house a small collapsible seaplane, the Martin MS-1. After surfacing, this plane could be rolled out, quickly assembled, and launched by ballasting the sub until the deck was awash. The first successful attempt was made on November 5th 1923. However, the program was cancelled after this flight. A total of six Martin MS-1s were built with all six still being carried on US records as late as 1926. Almost nothing is known of their subsequent use.


Molded in Pro Resin's usual tan resin, the aircraft is truly small with an overall length of about 2.5 inches and a wingspan of just over 3 inches. The resin itself is very nicely molded and I found no molding glitches. The control stick, however, had broken away from its pour stub and eventually disappeared when I tried to pick it up from the platen to put back in the bag. You can probably make out that there is nice interior detail on the sidewalls of the cockpit, though the small opening will probably limit what is actually seen.

You will also spot that there are a lot of struts. Well, since this had to be quickly assembled on the deck of a submarine, the aircraft had a lot of struts and very little in the way of rigging. In fact, only the taillplanes have rigging, including the control cables which will attach to the fuselage and appropriate bell cranks. This alone should make this popular with those who have rigging-phobia. There are no weapons as this was to be an observation aircraft. The three cylinders of the engine are nicely reproduced as are the very small and superbly detailed exhaust.

Instructions are well done and provide easy to follow construction diagrams. Colors are provided with Humbrol, Model Master and Revell references. This is a yellow wings plane so it has the yellow upper wing with the rest of the airframe in aluminum dope with grey metal engine cowling and upper forward fuselage. Struts and floats are also in grey. The small decal sheet is well printed with markings for one plane. It also includes an instrument panel decal.


For sure this one will not take up much in the way of shelf space when you get it finished. It is a neat little kit and one that should provide a superb model when it is finished.


Various places on the Internet as it is not well documented.

February 2011

Thanks tMy thanks toPro Resinfor the review kit.

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