AMP 1/72 Moskalev SAM-23 battle plane

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REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
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The Internet is pretty well mum on information regarding this plane. I did find the Moskalev was a relatively proficient designer who really didn't have any major production success with his aircraft. This particular design is apparently a low powered attack aircraft where the trailing wheel was some sort of terrain following mechanism that possibly was connected to the flight control surfaces. It may also have been designed to carry a bomb for very low level insertion, but that seems rather implausible. This trailing wheel served as a tail wheel when the plane was on the ground.

Whatever the purpose the aircraft was a pre-war design that was not put into service. In fact, I'm not sure if it actually flew as I've not been able to find a photo of the plane so any information would be appreciated.


The small zip bag contains two grey sprues, a clear canopy and decals. Molding on the sprues is actually quite good with a teeny amount of flash on three braces, no sink areas and nicely done engraved panel lines. The cockpit accommodations include a seat, control stick, rudder pedals and a floor. There is also an instrument panel with nicely detailed instruments and a rear bulkhead. The engine cylinders are separate and fit into depressions on the rear of the stub fuselage.

Probably the only tricky parts will be the alignment of the three rods that make up the forward skid attachment point and the alignment of the single central fin/rudder. Both this latter part and the area for the main gear lets have their placement engraved so that you can easily find it. The kit comes with a small sheet that is basically insignia. The aircraft itself is dark green over light blue. AMT reference numbers are provided. The instructions are wholly in Russian but thanks to the well drawn construction steps, that is not a barrier to completing the kit.  


Aircraft like this really appeal to a lot of people of which your editor is one. It is not a large aircraft and so will not take up much shelf space. It should make for a most interesting conversation piece, especially if displayed in flight with the long skid reaching the 'ground'.

March 2011

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