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Scott Van Aken


Resin kit with photo-etched bits.


This is one of those aircraft for which I'll have to quote from the instruction sheet. "The Loening monoplane was a daring innovation in its day, since the field of military aviation in 1918 was dominated entirely by biplane-minded pilots, engineers and procurement personnel.

In addition to being a monoplane in a biplane world, the M-8 had other advanced features. One was a radiator installment that was in a tunnel beneath the engine instead of surrounding the propeller shaft or being a separate bolt on item outside the fuselage lines. This feature was widely adopted by other high-performance military aircraft in the years to follow." It should also be noted that this aircraft was nearly totally devoid of the usual mass of flying wires so common on aircraft of this age, and that includes later monoplanes.

I know you've read that before, but it is better than leaving the section blank. The only difference in this and the earlier aircraft is the enlarged wing with more responsive ailerons and a view window in the gunner's compartment.

Since writing the initial M-8 review, I found some additional info. One is that a huge order for M-8s was cancelled after the war ended, thus leaving the M-8 a bit high and dry. However, the Navy decided they wanted some so ordered 54 of the improved M-8-1 as armed observation aircraft for post war duties.


Smart kit makers will choose a subject that can be done in multiple variants so that previous molds can be used to do these later versions. That is exactly what ProResin has done with this aircraft. Apparently the M-8 was modified for the Army into the M-8-1 and with that came a few differences. As such, this kit has a new wing and new fuselage halves. The rest of the kit save the decal sheet is identical. Here are the sprues of the M-8. Just substitute the wings and fuselage!

The instructions are well done with four well drawn construction steps that also provide any color info that is needed and are representative of the M-8-1's differences. The aircraft is in an overall Linen shade with the forward section in OD and the wing struts in natural wood. Though there isn't the usual rigging, the controls need rigged and that is shown on the painting diagram. Color info is provided for Humbrol, Revell and Testors paints. The decal sheet is well printed.


Overall a really excellent little resin kit of a fairly unknown aircraft. It doesn't appear to be too difficult to build, though because of all the small pieces, it might be a good idea to have a few resin kits under your belt before trying this one.

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