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Still being built, the General Dynamics, now Lockheed F-16 is one of the most successful and most recognized US fighters. Exported to over 20 countries and well liked by its pilots, this small multi-role fighter will surely soldier on for at least another 20 years or more.



This particular kit was initially released in Europe by Revell AG. Since then it has gotten rave reviews as probably the best 1/72 F-16 kit yet built. Judging from the sheer number of parts and options that are provided, I'd have to say that they are not far off. First boxings were for the F-16 MLU that was previewed here a year or so ago. Careful examination of the sprues of that kit and this one will show many similarities. What this one has done is go the extra step and provide parts for the 'big mouth' versions of the Falcon.

It takes an F-16 aficionado to be able to spout of block numbers and such, but the biggest difference between the two is that looking at the front, the intake makes one look like it is 'smiling' while the other does not. This is due to the different engines in the 'big mouth' version. Later block aircraft also have bulged gear doors (which I didn't see in the kit)  and some other differences that I can't tell without a guild book of some sort.

With all those options, this is a kit from which you can build a wide range of different F-16 versions. As this is the US boxing, all of the different markings are for US planes. As an aside, I find it interesting that it is being boxed as a Monogram kit and not under the Revell label. A few years back, we in the US were led to believe that the Monogram name was going to disappear, except in the Monogram Classics line. Even old faithful Monogram kits like the 1/48 F-105D were being boxed as Revell kits. Yet here it is, late 2002 and the Monogram name reappears like a phoenix from the ashes. Most curious.

Instructions are a bit different from what I've seen recently. There are five major construction sections, each broken down into as many subsections as is required. For instance, the 'Cockpit and Intake Assembly' section has 10 smaller sub drawings. In them, parts are identified and any colors needed are annotated. There are even some warning or guide notes for proper construction. Very nice. Colors are given in both generic and FS numbers as needed.

There are all sorts of add on bits and pieces, but for the versions on the decal sheet, it seems as if all are small mouth planes as only one intake set is called out in the instructions.  The decals are very well printed, have spot on registration and are a bit glossy. markings are for three planes. Two ANG planes and one regular AF. They are all in the newer two grey scheme of FS 36118 gunship grey over 36375 light ghost grey. Radomes are in FS 36270 light sea grey (also called neutral grey).  From the 79 FS is a 'Tiger Meet of the Americas' bird from Shaw AFB with the very nice tail markings. The box art bird is from the DC ANG, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 113 FS in 1998. The other is from the Illinois ANG with special tail markings for the 50th anniversary of the Guard in 1997. Three quite colorful and interesting markings.

Some additional info from Dale Jensen who used to work on these birds "The 183rd FW aircraft is a WIDE MOUTH version of the F-16 Block 30 with the GE engine." Thanks Dale, appreciate your taking the time to let us know. Greg adds that "..the DC ANG bird has a small mouth and the Shaw bird a big one." Greg has a web page devoted to this info at I suggest a visit. You need to be careful in building your version as to not get the wrong intake on the plane you are doing or the Viper-philes will never let you hear the end of it! :o)


It seems from the crowd that this is the F-16 to get. It has oodles of optional pieces and while I don't doubt that it will be a somewhat fiddly build, it has knocked Hasegawa's 20 year old kit off its pedestal!

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