Academy 1/48 F-15C/D Eagle






Two Aircraft


Scott Van Aken





I'm sure that those who know little about the F-15 can either read one of the reviews on the site about it or do a Google to find more info than I can possibly provide in a paragraph or two.




One thing about this kit; it sure fills a box. It would be natural to compare this one with the Hasegawa kit as they are both from the Far East and both are expensive. Budget modelers may well want to consider the Monogram kit.

The kit is a well detailed kit with engraved panel lines. It also offers the option of doing either a single or twin seat version. Full intake trunking is provided, which is another nice option and there is a weapons suite consisting of four Sparrow and four Sidewinder missiles. Only a single drop tank is provided and that is for the centerline. Also provided are both styles of afterburner section; one with and one without the 'turkey feathers'. This means that for all intents and purposes, if you wanted to do an F-15A/B from this kit, you could do so. Probably all you'd have to change are wheels and decals.

From the standpoint of sink marks, ejector pin marks and flash, the kit does fairly well. I only found ejector pin marks on the inside of gear doors, intakes and the speedbrake. These areas have no real detail in them so removal of the marks should be easy. As mentioned, you can do a single or twin seat plane so the differences in the cockpits are provided. Seats are fairly good as is the detail on the consoles and instrument panel. Those who want more will undoubtedly go for a resin cockpit set and I'm sure there are other aftermarket goodies available for this kit. Another option is for the intakes to be up or down. Now these are generally only down when the engine is running as shutting off the engines has them return to the 'normal' position. However, it is there if you wish it.

Instructions are quite good, providing easy to read construction steps and giving good color info, including FS 595 references where needed. Decals are for two planes from the 12th TFS/18th TFW based at Kadena, Okinawa and these are in the older, full color insignia. A full stencil suite is provided. The decals look like they will work well, but I'd be willing to bet that most modelers will go for aftermarket on this one.



Thanks to the rather high price of MRC imported kits, this one probably won't be seen as much as one would hope. However, it looks like a very nice model and Academy kits have always been well engineered so shouldn't provide any surprises when built.

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