Italeri 1/72 Su-32/34 Strike Flanker




$18 ? (no longer listed in catalogues)


two aircraft


Scott Van Aken




With the success of the Su-27 Flanker, it was inevitable thatthere would emerge variants on the design. The Su-32/34 is one of those. Likethe F-18D, this two seat Flanker is to be a replacement for the Su-24 Fencer. Toperform that mission, Sukhoi had to beef up the aircraft a great deal. This wasdone by strengthening the airframe and landing gear. Instead of the single mainwheels of the Su-27, this one has dual mains in a fore and aft arrangement. TheSu-34 also has the addition of canards to help with trim at low level wherebuffeting is a real problem.

In order to make a viable bomber, there have been added 13hardpoints on the wings and under the fuselage. This allows the Su-34 to carry aprodigious number and variety of weapons. I would think that loading up theaircraft would have serious detrimental qualities when it comes to range, andthat in operation, the number of weapons would be less. However it looks verycool to have all that stuff hanging off the plane and I imagine that mostmodelers will load it up to the hilt!

The box says that this is an Su-32/34. I don't know what thedifference is in the types other than perhaps the Su-32 is an export version ofthe 34. Or it could be the other way around. Anyone know?



Italeri has had a recentreputation of producing a number of very nice kits of modern aircraft and thisone is no exception. It seems that Italeri is really the only non-Japanese modelcompany that not only produces an abundant number of kits each year, but is alsothe only one willing to do a lot of modern aircraft. Why that is I have no idea,but it is appreciated.

This kit has a 1995 date on it and istypical of modern Italeri kits. It has finely engraved panel lines as well asdecent detail in the wheel wells. The cockpit consists of a small tub, twoseats, two sticks and an instrument panel.  There is nice raised detailingon the side consoles and instrument panel; no decals are supplied for them. Thecanopy is a single piece with no ability to have it open to show off thecockpit, however the plastic is quite clear so details should show up well.Landing gear is well done and properly complex. The interesting fore and aftdual main wheels are well represented as are the various door operatingmechanisms. 

Areal highlight of this kit are the weapons that are provided. You have a nicechoice of bombs, rockets and missiles to put on the various hardpoints of thekit. What are especially nice are the large ramjet powered missiles that fitunder the intakes. These same missiles are used by the US Navy as targets andcarried by QF-4s. Now if this missile was only available in 1/48 as well!

Instructionsare well up to modern standards with good drawings for all the constructionsteps. Color callouts are given for all steps and are referenced by FS 595standard as well as Testors Model Master numbers. There are decals for twoaircraft, both from various airshows held in 1994. Painting the complexcamouflage should be fun.

Overall a very nice model from Italeri.

Review kit courtesy of me and my wallet!

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