KIT: Zvezda 1/72 Ka-27 PS 'Helix'
KIT #: 7247
PRICE: $19.98 (17.96 at Squadron)
DECALS: Three options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken


The Kamov design bureau has developed several successful helicopters based on its co-axial blade design. This eliminates the need for a tail rotor, though it does require a full tail section to help retain directional stability. The Ka-27 'Helix' is basically an enlarged Ka-25 'Hormone' that has been used on Russian surface ships for ASW, Supply and SAR duties. The Ka-27 has totally replaced its smaller cousin and the PS variant indicates a modification that includes large fuel tanks and a concentration on the SAR mission.


First thing I noticed is that all the sprues were loose in the box and not in any sort of bag. That includes the clear pieces. Thanks to good engineering, there are no ejector pin marks to mar construction. I did spot some sink areas in some of the thicker parts, including the outer fins. These later ones will be impossible to remove as doing so will eradicate the nice forest of rivets that are there. Detailing is really excellent and very well done with fine engravings where needed. I did notice on the largest sprue that some of the smaller parts had a bit of trouble with mold mismatch so additional cleaning will be needed here.

The rotor head is sufficiently complex looking to calm the concerns of any helo enthusiast. The cockpit includes both control sticks , but no rudder pedals. Their is no cabin detailing and that isn't a problem as the doors stay closed and the clear bits are rather thick.

Instructions are quite good and provide 9 good construction drawings with any color needed supplied in each step. No indication of nose weight is given, but I'd stick some in there somewhere as I'd bet it is a tad tail-heavy. The colors are for ModelMaster and a Russian paint company. Markings are provided for three aircraft, all in White and Grey with Red stripes along the top and bottom. Decals are well printed and glossy.



I'm sure this one will be a real hit with both helo fans and those who like doing Russian/Soviet aircraft.

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