Hasegawa F-15A/C Eagle 'Eggplane'

KIT: Hasegawa F-15A/C Eagle 'Eggplane'
KIT #: 60101  (TH1)
PRICE: $11.98 MSRP in the US, 800 yen in Japan
DECALS: Two options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Not exactly scale.....


"Once upon a time, there was a  world dominated by poultry. Chickens happened to have the most powerful nation on the planet and so all the other fowl countries tended to follow their lead. Especially when it came to technology.

As the ages went on, there were horrendous conflicts in which feathers were flying everywhere. Eventually, things got 'civilized' as machines were developed to take care of the really gory stuff. No longer did troops have to use beak and spur. They now had the means to do really major destruction.

To cut what is a longish story short, it came to be that most of the weapons of conflict into which roosters (and later some hens) went to battle, were based on that most perfect of forms, the oblate ovoid (egg).

Later on, the planet was invaded by strange bipeds who initially were kind, peace-loving folks who followed the teachings of an indecipherable book entitled 'Serving Poultry'. This led to an end of war and a growing prosperity as all were well fed and lovingly taken care of.

It was only later that we came to realize the awful truth, by which time we were herded into pens to be cared for until our doom. All our technology fell into the invader's hands and were adapted to their own use."

Chickenius Tastius 2598

This is one of those pieces of technology


The 'eggplane' is a singularly Japanese phenomenon and one that was both started by and fostered by Hasegawa. Every few years, some of the more popular subjects are reissued with perhaps, a few new ones added to the mix. This kit is an F-15 (sort of) and is actually quite complete in terms of a model. These are meant for kids or for those wanting something relaxing to build.

The parts count is really quite small, consisting of a bit more than 20 parts. No attempt at superfluous things like landing gear doors, or full cockpit are catered to. You do have a nice pilot's head to put in the cockpit and believe it or not there is an instrument panel decal. Weapons could be AMRAAMs and there are nicely done landing gear and wheels. Of course, the exhaust are the early type with turkey feathers.......

No indication of nose weight is provided in the simple instructions given. There are three construction steps with paint references in Gunze paints and FS 595. As Gunze is pulling out of the US market due to the formulation of their paint, one will need to find substitutes and the FS 595 reference is appreciated. Decals are superbly done and provide markings for two planes. One is the box art subject from the 305 Fighter Squadron in the old Compass Ghost Grey scheme. The US F-15 is perhaps supposed to be in the Mod Eagle scheme as the darker grey is a lot darker. It has markings for the 33rd FW's Spirit of the Gulf out of Eglin AFB. Decals are very nicely done and should provide no surprises.


I, for one, like these kits. There are several that were released, though Hasegawa has chosen to offer them to retailers as case lots where they cannot choose what is in there. The result is that there are more of some types (like this F-15) than there are of others. Regardless, these make for a great break from the norm and are equally fun for the youngster in the family.

February 2008

My thanks to www.dragonmodelsusa.com for the review kit. Get yours at your local shop or ask them to order in a case. One thing for sure, these do sell quickly.

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