Hasegawa 'Midnight Falcon'

KIT #: 60024
PRICE: 600 yen when new
DECALS: Three options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Eggplane with base


You can thank Hasegawa for producing the eggplane series. I have seen a few others from different companies, but they all tend to pale in comparison with the Hasegawa offerings. The first time I saw these was in their 1976 catalogue, so they have been around for quite a few years. This particular kit has a 2000 boxing date.

Recent editions of these kits have been without the base, which is a real shame as it is the base as much as anything that adds quite a lot to the charm of the kits. I am not sure why Hasegawa stopped doing this, but perhaps it is as small a deal as not wanting to make the metal wire section that holds the plane above the base. Whatever the reason, modelers are poorer because of it.

As you might expect, these kits are not very parts intensive. The mounting lugs and slots are quite large to ensure a good fit. There is no cockpit, only a pilot head to fit in place, covered by a clear canopy. The wings and tailplanes are molded into the upper fuselage half with the main gear being one piece with additional wheels. No gear doors are provided and personally, I'd fill the gear holes since the plane is to be displayed in flight.

The second of two sprues is for the base. In this case there is a witch, house, trees and sign with a plastic mount for the figure. The witch is in six parts and the house in four. A very nicely done base is provided on which to place all of these items. Instructions are as you see in place of the parts diagram and provide Gunze paint references. There are markings for three examples. One is the Dutch plane you see on the box art. The other is a US version with the main plane being with WP tail codes. Another set with what looks like prototype tail markings with a witch on a broom is offered for the US scheme, this version having full color insignia.

These are fun kits. They go together without any issues and are pretty easy to paint. No need to obsess over correct colors or shapes on these and they generally get positive comments from those who see them.

June 2013

Thanks to me for picking this one up.

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