Hasegawa 1/72 OA-4M Skyhawk 'H&MS Combo'

KIT #: 02083
PRICE: 2400 yen (about $23.00) at HLJ
DECALS: Two options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Two complete kits


Twenty-three TA-4Fs were converted to the OA-4M designation for FastFAC (Fast Forward Air Controller) missions in the Vietnam War. Basically, the OA-4M was a TA-4F equipped with A-4M electronics. The modifications included a ground control bombing system, a KY-28 secure voice system, a canted midair refuelling probe, extra cockpit side armor plating, an APN-194 altimeter, and ARC-159 radio and ARC-114 VHF radio. Perhaps the most visible change was the fitting of the dorsal electronics hump, neatly faired into the rear of the two-seat canopy. The nose sensor group of the OA-4M was basically the same as that of the A-4M, but the Angle/Rate Bombing system was not installed as it would not be needed.

OA-4M BuNos (Converted from TA-4F) 152856, 152874, 153507, 153510, 153527, 153529, 153531, 154294, 154306, 154307, 154328, 154333, 154335, 154336, 154340, 154623, 154624, 154628, 154630, 154633, 154638, 154645, 154651 (Some OA-4M were eventually sold to Argentina.)


Hasegawa has been doing a lot of 'combo' kits. This is where they take two extant moldings and put them in the same box, often with a choice of three different sets of markings. So it is with this kit. Now I have to confess that I did not know that Hasegawa did an OA-4M, but apparently they did. This kit has raised panel lines and a mix of older and original sprues. As many of you know, Hasegawa did an A-4E/F in their first generation kits that some state was a bit over-scale. Well I cannot verify that, but can tell you that things like wings, landing gear, tailplanes and main gear doors come from that kit.

Newer sprues are for the fuselage, clear bits, seats, and the intakes to name a few. The raised panel lines are nicely done and for a kit as old as parts of this one are, there isn't all that much flash. The kit also includes a boarding ladder as well as crew figures. Fortunately many of the older parts, which are now embarrassingly crude, are not required. There is a separate windscreen and canopy along with the bits for inside the canopy so you can pose it open. Though the kit seats are fine if you include the crew members, you might want to get some aftermarket ones if posing the canopy open. There are no side console decals, but you do get decals for the front and rear instrument panels. Nose weight will be needed to prevent tail sitting. As a note, the plane was usually equipped with the wing tanks, but not the centerline one, though the pylon was normally mounted.

Markings are provided for two aircraft, both in the  TPS as shown on the box art. The box art plane is from H&MS-12 'Outlaws' in 1985. The other is with H&MS-13 from 1987. The TPS scheme is FS 36495 on the underside with FS 36375 and 36320 on the upper surfaces and sides. Decals are nicely printed and provide full markings for both aircraft.


Overall, this is a nice addition to Hasegawa's 'combo' offerings. It provides two kits that should build rather quickly, thanks to the lack of fiddly bits one finds in newer offerings. Most of us do not care if the panel lines are raised or engraved as the difference is rarely an issue on the completed model. This is a kit that will build into a pair of nice looking models.



April 2014

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