Academy 1/35 UH-60L Blackhawk




$59.95 MSRP


five aircraft


Scott Van Aken


It is a darn BIG kit!


Designed as a replacement for the UH-1 Huey, the Blackhawk is larger, more powerful and able to carry larger loads (i.e. more troops). The basic airframe was developed into the Seahawk for the US Navy, and though there is a physical similarity between the two, there are few interchangeable parts.

Over 2,000 Blackhawks have been built, including 1600 for the US Army. IT has been battle tested in Grenada, Iraq, Somalia, the Balkans and now in Afghanistan. Current production is the UH-60L, which is externally quite similar to the UH-60A, but has more powerful engines. The Blackhawk has a number of systems, all with the usual military abbreviations, that can be installed as the need arises, including external wing pylons, exhaust baffles and various electronic defense equipment.


The Academy UH-60 adds to an already well-known suite of 1/35 helicopters that includes the UH-1, AH-1 and Bell 47. As one would expect from a kit of this scale, the detailing is superb and at times, construction looks rather complicated. It has the usual engraved panel lines, which are sharp and well done. The kit has minimal flash and is relatively free from the problems of ejector pin marks.

Molded in light grey plastic, there are four very large sprues  and one smaller clear sprue that are individually packaged to prevent damage. I'd have the usual photo for you, but the parts are quite large, the fuselage alone measuring nearly a foot and a half in length. You get all the proper options including the external pylons and fuel tanks, a complete port engine that can be displayed, cabin machine guns, and optional position gun and cabin doors. Cockpit and cabin detail are very good and complete. The rotor head assembly is quite complex looking and most convincing.

Instructions are superbly done. Many construction steps are accompanied by a photograph of that area in the real helicopter, which is bound to be a big help. In with each step is color information. The color chart gives both generic and FS numbers where required. There are markings options for five helicopters. All of them are in overall OD. Two are non-descript UH-60Ls, one from Desert Storm. The other three are UH-60As; one from the 78th AvnBat, one from the 101st Airborne, and one from the California National Guard. The decal sheet is quite large, as one would expect, and well printed. The many black walkway areas are given on the sheet so painting this area is not required. As to how well the sheet works, I have had mixed results with Academy sheets. This one is not misregistered, though the white lettering is almost invisible on the decal sheet and I fear it may also disappear when placed on the kit. The problem with Army helicopter kits (or really just about any helo kit) is that rarely does anyone do an aftermarket decal sheet for them. Face it,  Army choppers are generally not very exciting or colorful subjects, and no matter how badly needed a sheet might be, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for one!



This is a kit that will appeal to many folks. Chopper fans will like it because it is a new kit. Diorama fans will like it because they can add it to their modern military dioramas. The rest of us will like it because it makes into a very big model. Probably the only hindrance is the price. It is well known that anything MRC imports will be expensive. Just look at the prices for Fujimi kits and you'll see that to be true. If you can overcome the premium price, then you'll find a kit you'll enjoy building.

Review kit courtesy of my kit collection.

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