Aeroclub 1/72 AMX

Price: $13.00

Media: Injected plastic with vacuformed canopy, white metal bits.

Decals : one version with the AMI

Here is another typical Aeroclub short run injected kit. It has the required white metal parts and thick plastic. The parts need to be cleaned up quite a bit, but nothing too bad. As usual (at least for me), much of the engraved detail is lost by sanding and putty. Some of the white metal parts include the intakes, the main gear doors, a refueling probe, ejection seat, missiles, pylons, and the wingtip sidewinder rails. Areas to be aware of. First of all, once the parts were prepared, they fit pretty well. Be careful when attaching the wings to ensure the missile rails are straight when the glue dries. For this reason I would recommend attaching the rails before attaching the wings to the fuselage. I didn't and my missiles are pointing about 10 degrees out. I don't think this is correct. On the subject of the rails, they are a lot thinner than the wings to which they attach. The canopy is also difficult to cut as the framing is not too clear. I scratch built the nose gear door, antennas and actuating rods from scrap brass. I had a good photo of an AMX with the probe (unlike the instructions which are rather vague about a lot) so attached it to the right side. The white metal intakes were dry fit a bunch of times then polished at attached with super glue. The decals fit well, but since they were produced before the AMX entered service, they are not totally accurate. Naturally AMX aftermarket decals are not easily had.

Did I like the kit? As I have said before, it is the only game in town. I am surprised that Italeri has not yet done one, but this one looks pretty good. Not a contest winner, but is does add to the collection in the case. Recommended for those with experience in Limited Production kits.

2008 update: Since building this one, it seems that it has not been kept in the catalogue, which is a shame. There is (or was) a nice 1/48 resin kit by Warrior of this aircraft, and perhaps one day, it will be issued as a mainstream injection molded kit.

2019 update: In 1/48 we now have two mainstream offerings from Kinetic and Hobby Boss. Still nothing for the 1/72 modeler.

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