Matchbox 1/700 Narvik Class Destroyer






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Scott Van Aken


Waterline kit. 1976 molding


After the start of World War II the construction of all new destroyers were canceled. Instead 12 additional ships of the Zerstörer 1936A class were ordered.

To save material and increase the constructions time, some slight internal simplifications and engine modifications were done. The 15 cm gun turrets were taken from the already ordered O-Class battlecruisers.

The engines caused less trouble than those of the previous destroyers but at the end of the war the remaining ships showed some heavy corrosion in the boilers and tubes.

Specifics for the Z-38

Laid down: Germaniawerft Kiel, 1940
Launched: 05.08.1941
Commissioned: 20.03.1943
Fate: scrapped 1949



As many of you are aware, Matchbox kits were designed to be bought by kids with pocket money so were made of different colors of plastic so that painting was not needed. They were also supposed to be easy to build so that play time could start in short order. Thankfully, they are also pretty nice models in their own right so that those of us a bit older would have a decent kit. Frankly, with all the small bits this one has, it would be a bit frustrating for the really young modeler.

Parts are molded in dark grey and light grey. No flash or pesky ejector pin marks, but typical of Matchbox kits, there are sink areas in areas of thick plastic (like the boats) or opposite alignment pins. All detail is of the raised variety. A bit of work with a pin vise to open up the hull portholes will improve things. The hull is two sides with a single deck. Thanks to the closed bottom on each hull half, warping won't be a problem as it is on some of the larger Matchbox kits. Care will be needed when removing the very small parts as there is little room between them and the sprue attachment points.

Instructions are typical Matchbox providing pictorial construction steps. There is no detail color information with the ship apparently being overall light grey with back funnel tops. Humbrol and generic names are given for the paints. Only a German Naval Ensign is provided for decals.


The kit looks as if it will build into a nice model with a bit of extra care in constructions. Not for the newbies as the small parts will give them fits.

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