Zvezda 1/350 K-266 'Oriol' submarine




$30.98 ($27.97 from Squadron)




Scott Van Aken


As usual with modern subs not a lot of parts.


Allow me to quote from the instructions. "In 1989, the Northern machine-building enterprise (Severodvinsk) began to built it according to the plane 949A "Anthei". It was launched in May 22, 1992 and introduced to the army in December of 1992. The 'Oriol' is intended for eliminating air and missile carriers of a possible enemy. The basic armor equipment is 24 launch installations with supersonic winged missiles 3M-45 of the P-700 Granit complex. The missiles can carry both demolition and nuclear warheads. It also has 6 bow torpedo installations (18 torpedoes).

Size of the vessel. Length, 154.8 meters; width, 18 meters; height (from the keel to the top of the deckhouse), 18.3 meters (the size of a 6-floor building). The crew 130 men. It successfully works the Northern fleet.


My kit came in a very sturdy box with no shrink wrap over it and the parts just in the box and not inside a bag. Most unusual. The kit is molded in a rather thick black plastic and being a modern sub, is void of a lot of parts. The detail of the kit is really quite good with proper engraved panel lines that are deep enough so that paint and any sanding won't wipe them out. They are also crisply done with nice sharp edges.

The plastic on the hull halves is a sort of 'cast' look to it and the rest has a similar look and feel, though to a lesser extent. Many of the larger parts have ejector pin marks on them, including the inside of the missile doors. Due to the intricate framework there, I fear that few will try to eradicate them and most will build the kit with the doors closed. Some of the thicker parts also had a bit of sink to them that will need a touch of filler. There was no flash at all.

The kit is a full hulled version and includes a rather nicely done display stand. There are options and that includes open or closed missile bay doors, raised or lowered superstructure antennas, and extended or retracted forward dive planes. I should also point out that the rather intricate props on this sub are particularly well molded and they are handed. The image of the sprues is somewhat deceiving in that it doesn't show that the hull is nearly 18 inches long, so a small kit it isn't.

Instructions are rather basic, but with the parts count that is quite understandable. A good painting guide is provided giving colors in Model Master colors and for some Russian paints as well. The small decal sheet appears to be well done, but the white decals are difficult to see against the ivory background. For that reason, I was unable to properly reproduce it to show you.



It looks like a very nice and straight-forward kit. I've grown an affinity for submarines over the last year or so and have constructed several. This one is truly quite large and should be a fun build. It is currently in 'dry dock' undergoing construction at the Murmanski shipyards here in Illinois!

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