Hobby Boss 1/350 Plan Type 092 Xia Class Submarine

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REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken


The 6,500-ton Type 092 Daqingyu (US Department of Defense designation Xia-class, Chinese designation 09-II) submarine was the first ballistic missile-carrying, nuclear-powered submarine class (SSBN) deployed by the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy, and the first SSBN designed and built in Asia. She was designed by Peng Shilu (彭士禄) and Huang Xuhua (黄旭华), and derived from the Han-Class SSNs, with an extended hull to accommodate four missile tubes.

The first Changzheng 6 (# 406) of its class was laid down in 1978 at Huludao 120 miles North-East of Beijing; she was completed in 1981. She then spent 6 years being fitted out and conducting tests with its 12 JL-1 (CSS-N-3) missiles, becoming active in 1987. Later, the submarine went through numerous upgrades in incremental step, including using Type H/SQ2-262B sonar manufactured by No. 613 Factory replacing the original Type 604 sonar on board.

The 092 has undergone numerous refits, currently featuring a new black paint, possible quieting technologies, French-designed sonar, and the improved longer ranged JL-1A SLBM. It is reported that the 092 has not sailed beyond Chinese regional waters. One of the two Xias built was reported lost during an accident.

The Xia is aging however and a new Ballistic Missile Submarine design is in the works for the People's Liberation Army Navy. The US Defense Intelligence Agency lists the Xia-Class as being "Not Operational." While its capability is still being questioned, Xia made its world wide debut on April 23rd, 2009 celebrating the 60th anniversary of PLA Navy's founding.

The 092 class are homeported in Jianggezhuang near Qingdao.


Even in 1/350 scale, this is a large submarine with a length of over 13 inches. It can be built two ways. One with the missile tubes closed and one with the tubes open to show some of the missiles that are included. Actually, installing the upper hull section with the closed tubes will reduce to total build parts count by about 2/3rds so to get your money's worth, it would be best to build the kit with them open.

The kit includes a small photo etch fret for a small hull mounted antenna array, a pair of railings for the upper part of the sail and an optional set of prop blades. To use these, the bullet fairing will need to be cut from the plastic ones. The tail mounted rudders all have separate moving surfaces. There are six two-piece JL-1A SLBMs to mount where you wish and the dozen missile hatches and fairings that can be installed. A base is included to help you display your completed sub.

Instructions are well done showing all the optional builds. No color information is supplied during the building sequence. This is left to the full color painting and decal guide which has several color references. Of course, since the missiles are not shown on the color guide, one is left to guess at how they are painted, though one could use the box artwork for this. The small decal sheet is well printed.


ASo here you have it. China's first large SSBN. Any modern submarine fan will have to have this one in their collection.



May 2010

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