Aoshima 1/700 Atago
KIT #: 004715
DECALS: One option
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: New tool kit


The Atago class of guided missile destroyer (あたご型護衛艦|atago-gata-go-ei-kan) is an improved version of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF)'sKongō class destroyers. It is a Japanese variant of the United States Navy Arleigh Burke-class destroyer (Flight IIA).

Both ships of the class share a same name with Japanese World War II cruisers. On occasion, Atago class destroyers have been incorrectly referred to as cruisers by the Japanese media.


The 'waterline' gang have been moving towards doing more modern warships and so it is with Aoshima's new Atago. The kit itself is very nicely molded and has all raised detailing. This may seem a bit odd to some, but for a ship kit, it looks a lot better than all that engraving.

The kit can only be built as a waterline model and to that end, comes complete with a large weight for the lower hull. Interestingly, this weight is to be trapped between the outside of the underside of the hull and the flat lower hull piece rather than within the main hull as in older Waterline kits. The deck is a single piece onto which the two major superstructure pieces are attached. These pieces carry the various smaller guns as well as the ship's masts. There are the usual variety of bits and pieces for the weatherdecks which include the ship's boats.

As these ships carry a helo, the kit includes an SH-60K for the flight deck area. Also included is a P-3C and an F-2A with the latter having a small stand. Another interesting addition is a rocket of some sort with its launching gantry. You can see this being launched in the background of the box art.

As is the norm with Aoshima kits, the instructions are well done and pretty much entirely in Japanese. The kit includes a nice decal sheet that includes the various hull and deck markings as well as markings for the aircraft and the rocket.


Overall, it is a very nice kit and should be a nice change of pace for the modern warship builder.


July 2013

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