Starship Modeler 1/48 SF-21B 'Shrike'






Two versions


Scott Van Aken


Multimedia resin kit




This is Starship Modeler's first multimedia kit and they are off to a pretty good start.  This kit is the "FS-21 'Shrike', a trans-atmospheric strike fighter". It is designed to fly in space and also in the planet's atmosphere. In many ways, it is what one would probably see in the later part of the 21st century if not earlier.

Many of the bits and pieces that went into this kit look quite familiar. In fact, I'd dare say that a number of Monogram kits gave up bits and pieces to make this model a reality. I can see parts from the F-18 and the F-15 kit in this one. However, most of the model is pure fantasy and that is the way it should be.

The overall molding of the kit is quite good. I found very few pin holes in the parts, and there is the usual amount of resin flash, but not a huge amount. A few of the bomb bay bits are on a resin wafer so will need some careful sanding to remove. This should not bother the average resin kit builder as that is what one generally expects from a resin model of this type. In addition to the usual resin bits, one gets a clear vac canopy (made of thick plastic, thanks very much!), a decal sheet and several colored MV lenses. This is a 1/48 model and because of that, it requires some pretty hefty landing gear. These have been made out of metal to support the weight. The gear are also the parts that look as if they will be the most time consuming to clean up as there is a lot of metal flash on them.

Other features of the kit are a full bomb bay, complete with bomb trapeze hardware and crutches. Also in with the kit are two futuristic looking bombs. Under wing pylons are also provided should you wish to carry the ordnance externally. The cockpit is most complete and includes a very nicely done bang seat, instrument panel and other bits and pieces that you'd find in an aftermarket cockpit set. There is even a pilot figure. Of course, you have the option of building the kit with wheels up and the bomb bay closed should you wish, though you'll have to make your own stand for an 'in flight' display.

Probably one of the finest sets of instructions I have seen with a resin model are included with the kit. There are pictures of most construction steps showing exactly where the parts are supposed to fit as well as where to apply any filler between the upper and lower fuselage sections. In addition, there are drawings showing some of the attachments and templates for the few parts that you must construct from the included styrene strips. Also included in the kit is a small decal sheet that you may use should you so desire. Many will undoubtedly be seeking to find something unique to utilize. There is no exterior painting guide as that is completely up to the builder to come up with something neat.



You are probably wondering if it is worth the money. I can tell you that there are a lot of more expensive kits of less quality out there than this one. In fact, it is a very good deal for the money spent as resin kits go. You get a good sized model and a number of options. Even better than having a cool looking model, you also help Starship Modeler. The price quoted above is a preorder price and only good for a short while. Here is a link so that you can order your own: Order one TODAY!!

Thanks to Starship Modeler for the preview copy.

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