Pegasus Hobbies 1/72 Area 51 UFO AE-341.15B

KIT #: 9100
PRICE: $19.98 MSRP
DECALS: Gllebanzz don't use decals
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Semi-snap kit


Last known recording of deep space mission 731:

This is Xenofurr, date Qwzxx 59 in the year of our Oopmt 49652. Have been surveying an inhabited planet in the Ddsre galaxy for the last 15 solar rotations. Population is highly unstable and not very intelligent, having been involved in global conflict for most the time I've been here. I guess it is one way to reduce overcrowding, but I can think of a lot better ways to handle it. One of these days, they will reach full sentience, but I'd recommend putting the place off limits to visitors for some time to come. We have, however, managed to collect a huge amount of data and several rtys of samples.

 My co-mates and I have been able to land on several occasions and investigate some of the more remote parts of the planet. Much of the surface is some sort of liquid that seems to be, in the most cases, inert and very much unlike the liquids back on the home world. In fact, the few live specimens we have gathered seem to be composed of this material, though it is generally held in a more solid substrate. The atmosphere is not toxic, but very low on what we can handle so we need to augment our respiratory systems before travelling outside the ship. We also need to use full body suits to protect from the radiation that is produced by their primary star. It is emitting in a spectrum that could be harmful to us with long-term exposure. I'm sure we could adapt to both if we had to, but it is better to play it safe. Besides, I wouldn't want to be walking around with my skgtre hanging out!

Though we have been seen many times by the more cognitive creatures on this planet, none have been given any credence so our presence is still pretty much unknown. We are able to find sources of chemicals to allow us to process foods, but locating fuel is becoming problematic as it is in low quantities in the planetary crust. Our detectors have located a possible source in one of the dryer areas of the northern land masses and we are on our way to check this out. We will report again once we have obtained the fuel and are back in orbit.

Xenofurr, out.  


Pegasus Hobbies seems to want to be your easy build model company. Taking a cue from Hobby Boss, their kits are not parts intensive, though they are fairly well detailed and they do not sell for a lot of money. This alone has assured them of some success as the local hobby shop seems to have no trouble selling out of their products.

This kit is an interesting concept based on your standard saucer shaped vehicle. It is fairly well molded, though I did notice that each location of the large alignment pins was accompanied by a sink area on the outside of the upper hull. For the rest of the kit, there are four landing legs with pads and four gear doors. The kit also provides the option of building the kit will gear up and has a separate set of doors for that purpose. No interior, of course, and the upper hull has green tinted clear bits for the six windows and the large central dome.

Instructions are almost unnecessary, but do give well drawn construction illustrations. It suggests painting the inside of the clear bits once they are cemented in place and that's a good idea or you'd pretty much just see plastic when you look through them. The painting guide suggests multiple metallics for the outer surface. No decals are provided, though I'm sure you could easily make up something on your inkjet if you wished.


Like their War of the Worlds kits, I'm sure this one will sell well. Its reasonable price and ease of construction make this a great kit for a youngster or for those who just like sci-fi and are tired of high prices and fiddly kits.


Personal experiences after having been stuck on this dirt ball for nearly 60 solar rotations after the crash.

Thanks to me and my fondness for sci-fi for this one.

April 2009

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