Hasegawa 1/20 Anti-Gravity Armored Raider "Falke"

KIT #: 64001
PRICE: $102.99 SRP
DECALS: Seven options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Appears to be a new mold kit.


From the Side of the Box:

"An event was happened to change the conventional war situation greatly on June 15, 2883. It is an appearance of AFS (Armored Fighting Suit, which has brought a totally new tactics concept which gave a big military gains by the battle of each plane. In these days, the survival of the employing mercenaries became rare in the earth armed forces and in the name of Mercenary Troops' Arms, it changed in the armed forces which were gradually constituted on the earth by the draft or an applicant and gradually fixed the appearance of the earth official army from an original state in confusion.

But Strahl Defense Force developed a new weapon against AFS in consequent and spent it and reinforced a contingent for them to protect their own country rights and interests on the earth. As a result, this war became the history that the both armed forced competed for new weapon development endlessly." (sic).


Now this is not your fiddly armor kit, but one that consists of several very  nicely molded sprues, two of them which incorporate the upper and lower fuselage halves. The rest goes into the interior, weapons and other parts of the vehicle. This does have a pretty complete cockpit and comes with a pilot figure as well as a ground crew figure. I have to assume that its anti-gravity abilities made it free from the need for landing gear of any sort and though a stand would have been nice, one is not provided.

Actually, it would have to be pretty sturdy as the model itself will be over 9 inches in length when done. The instructions are nicely drawn with the usual Gunze paint references. A superb decal sheet come with the kit and provides seven different markings options. The painting and decal directions are on two hard cardboard cards with holes punched on one end (to put into a binder, I guess). The markings and camouflage schemes are all quite imaginative.


I know people who are really going to like this kit and those that are undoubtedly going to come later. A full build review by our resident artiste is to come.


Side of the box

Anti-Gravity weapons in Action, Skwadrun Publications, 2885

June 2009

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