Lindberg Space Base and Satellite Explorer

KIT #: 91008
PRICE: $30.00 MSRP
DECALS: One option for each
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Two Complete kits


Back in the 1950s and early 1960s, things were very different than they are today. We were generally optimistic about the future. Though man had not actually made it into space, I doubt if anyone who was alive and sentient during those times would have doubted that it wouldn't be too long before we'd be there and in rather large numbers some 40 or 50 years on.

Multi-stage rockets would be taking us to wheel shaped space stations that would be filling earth and even moon orbit. We'd return to Earth on a winged final stage that, like today's nearly obsolete Space Shuttle, would be hoisted onto another bank of rockets to make yet another journey.

Well, for a variety of reasons (like spending obscene sums on wars that could have been spent on space exploration), there is but one space station and it is a zero gee edifice, not at all like the slowly spinning wheels in space that we had all envisioned. The daily or weekly trips into space are only every few months and there is no real enthusiasm amongst the general populace to continue exploration. How things have changed and really, not for the better in this regard. Still we had our youthful dreams and at least many of us were alive to see some great things come to pass.


I was unable to determine the age of these kits, but I'd have to bet it isn't much newer than 45 years ago. Detailing is actually rather good with the two kits having very fine raised detail (yes, there are rivets) that is nearly invisible until you hold the part up to the light. Thanks to J.Lloyd's attention to detail, the molds are actually in quite good condition. There is only minimal flash on the parts, no short shots, no really horrible sink areas and what ejector pin marks there are will be hidden or easy to clean up.

Starting with the Space Base, this kit consists of the two main wheel halves, which have a lot of molded on detail. There is a collector channel that surrounds the one side of the wheel and on the other is a platform that holds the two small space taxis (for lack of a better name). These two smaller ships are basically upper and lower hull with a cockpit. No pilot. There are various tanks and the lone thruster bank to assemble and attach as well as various pipes. This kit has a display base to go along with it.

The Satellite Explorer is very much like what we have come to know as the von Braun rocket. The lower stage has multiple exhaust as does the second stage. These are basically molded in green plastic with the exhaust orifice already molded in place. The lower stage has Four large fins with none on the second stage. The space plane is a very basic shape, also with its clear green plastic exhaust section. There is no detailand the vertical stabs are little triangles molded onto the one fuselage/wing half.

Instructions look to be well done with nicely drawn construction steps. Painting info is generic with color information shown in the appropriate construction steps. There is no overall painting guide aside from the box art. Decals are quite well done and bound to be better than anything from the original boxing.  


This kit may not be for everyone, but those of us wanting to relive their misspent youth and those who have to have every space kit ever done will very much appreciate this reissue.

April 2010

Thanks to me for this one. Perhaps it will motivate you to buy this one.

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