KIT: MPC Star Wars AT-ST
KIT #: 1-1976
PRICE: $4.99 MSRP when it was new. Can be found cheaper
DECALS: No options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Snap Kit


Really, there isn't much in the way of a history for this vehicle. It was first shown in the movie 'The Empire Strikes Back' and along with other rather fantastic vehicles, caught the imagination of thousands. Fortunately for MPC, this was a time when model kit building was still a major hobby among the young and the various kits produced by the company sold very well. Such is not the case nowadays as there were no model kits from the last two Star Wars movies; undoubtedly due to the rather ruinous licensing fees as much as by the poor sales from the fourth movie. I have no idea what the scale is of this thing, but I'd have to think it is around 1/48 sue to the cabin size.


The All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST), is a snap kit that consists of around two dozen parts. They are well molded, have crisp detail and are delightfully free of the usual modling glitches. I could only find a few sink areas and these are on flat areas that will be a snap to fill. The mounting lugs on the parts of this 1983 kit are huge and as such, quite appropriate for even the youngest and most inexperienced modeler. Though not something normally considered for a model, the joins are large and the number of moving parts on the kit provides some play value. No interior is provided so those wishing to go the extra mile to add detail will have a blank slate. No transparencies are provided, either.

Instructions consist of 8 construction steps, each step being very minimal in terms of the number of parts assembled. No color information is given, but with things like this, none is really needed as one can pretty well do what one wants in terms of painting. Most will emulate the box art or do none at all. No decals are provided.


It isn't often that such a basic kit is reviewed, but a recent viewing of the last film in the saga swept this reviewer with a wave of nostalgia and so here it is. One nice thing about kits like this is that there is a ton of room for improvement. Drilling out gun barrels, providing an interesting paint scheme and adding other details are just a few of the things that the more experienced modeler can do. I can also pretty well assume that fit will be les than sterling as my experience with these types of kits often brings into use a lot of filler. Regardless, the kit is easily found and provides a change from the norm for most of us.

June 2005

Review kit courtesy of me and my luck in raffles.

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