Kit: V-2

Scale: 1/35

Kit Number: 9002

Manufacturer: DML


Media: Injected plastic

Decals : none

Accuracy: spot on

Overall: see review

Comments: The V-2 rocket is probably the epitome of Hitler's terror weapons and the advance of German technology of WWII. When DML brought out their V-2, I knew I had to have it. Since I was scared off by the price, I waited until Valley Plaza Hobbies offered it for $10.00 and promptly bought two. A review I read suggested they be used as bookends and that is why I got two of them.

It is a relatively simple kit with few parts. The main body of the rocket is two sets of tubes with a nose cap and four fins. The tube halves fit rather so-so and it was difficult to get a perfectly straight rocket body. The fins are from one casting so suffer from sink marks at the thickest spot. The attachment points of the fins are smaller than the corresponding points of the rocket body so judicious sanding and puttying needs to be done for a smooth finish. I am constantly amazed on how DML can make a kit so difficult to assemble properly.

Thanks to Monogram Aviation's book on V weapons, there was ample data on camouflage finishes. I chose an interesting one called `baticked' which was briefly used on the V-2 early in its career. It consists of several shades of brown, green and an ivory sprayed crudely in a random pattern.

Since I sanded off much of the detail, the kit is actually smoother than a real V-2 which looks surprisingly crude with bent panels and lots of overspray. Half of the kit parts are for the launching stand which I painted primer grey. I loaded the V-2 with weight near the bottom so it would make a good bookend when I get the other finished.

The finished kit looks good and takes up very little shelf space although it is a bit on the tall side. I'd recommend the kit to those who must have a V-2 and who can get it cheap. I understand there is a 1/48 kit somewhere of this thing and do believe that would make a better display kit.

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